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Mail sever is a unique Multi-threaded software that converts your ordinary PC into a Intranet as well as Internet Mail Server with built-in SMTP and POP3 services ...
Mail sever when connected to a network in an organization, can act as an Internet as well as Intranet Mail Server. All users in that network can send and receive messages through Mail sever without having active Internet Connection on individual machines.

It provides real time monitoring of SMTP / POP3 Statistics, total active connections, total messages sent/received by all network users and ensures secure and dependable messaging with built-in SMTP and POP3 services.

Mail sever's built-in SMTP allows you to send messages straight to the recipient's mail box without using any external SMTP. Its MultiPOP account feature makes it possible to collect e-mail messages from any number of POP accounts on multiple servers and deposit them directly into the user's mailbox.

Mail sever has many options like auto / manual forwarding, re-queuing, auto responders, spam mail filtering, single internet account sharing facility with the help of which you can customize the entire message sending / receiving process to satisfy your requirements.

In short Mail sever ensures faster, stable, secure and more easy-to-control mail sending / receiving, and thus it helps to save your time and money.

Ensures guaranteed and instant mail delivery.
Eliminates the necessity of Internet Connection on Individual network machines.
Instant email communication within the organization by eliminating paper work.
Provides every individual personalized e-mail identity for internal communication.

Compatible with almost all e-mail client programs like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, Incredimail, etc.
Accepts any number of connections from LAN (Depends upon License) and can process number of request at a same time.
Accepts connections from Internet provided Mail sever is not installed on Proxy Machine Ensures total privacy of messages
.Maximum flexibility in the sending process, when sending messages everything is in your hands.
See what actually happened with the message – whether it was sent or not, and if not, the real reason for the error.
Total user Accounts 999 and POP Accounts 255
Configure virtually unlimited user accounts
Generates copies of outgoing / incoming mails
Handle multiple requests from multiple users
Facility to use built–in SMTP or desired ISPs SMTP server
Options for: Auto-Generation of cc mails
Auto-Dial facility at specified time intervals
Prevents users from sending mails outside network
Broadcasting common messages
Storing complete history of mails received, blocked, retrieved and delivered
Forward copies of incoming messages to one or more internal or external account
Facility of auto-response / vacation mails
Optional Modules
This module helps to keep your computer more secure. It restricts information that comes to your computer from other computers, giving you more control over the data on your computer and providing a line of defense against people or programs including viruses and worms that try to connect to your computer without permission. It acts as a barrier that checks information coming from the Internet or a network and then either deny access or allow it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings.

BlueShield blocks access attempts from hackers and other unknown threats.
Red Shield Anti-Spam: RedShield protects your INBOX by filtering out unwanted Junk / SPAM and specific Virus containing mails.

With fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive emails being delivered in vast quantities to businesses every day, Anti-Spam solution is a vital component of your network security. Spam leads to wastage of network users’ time and network resources, and can also be dangerous. RedShield when activated at the server, eliminates the need to install and update Anti-Spam software on each desktop. It filters out all the junk and unwanted mails into the junk folder thereby preventing them from reaching the user's mailbox

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