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Ni-ki Electro Systems , is a PC & Networking company, who provide cutting edge technology & dedicated to high quailty service & design, at affordable rates.

Our technicians are highly qualified in PC Servicing and are up-to-date with the latest technologies. They can provide an accurate and quick assesment of systems and networks, and provide clients with effective solutions for their PC or networks in words anyone can understand.

Ni-ki Electro Systems is a Vadodara (Gujarat, India) based information systems and technology firm offering a variety of IT services , Ni-ki Electro Systems was founded in 1999, by a respected Internet and network engineering professional with the goal of providing affordable enterprise-grade IT services for both small and large companies alike.

Ni-ki Electro Systems 's chief objective is to help businesses and organizations with their technical needs while providing these services at a lower cost than other professional firms would charge. Ni-ki Electro Systems is able to provide these services at a lower cost since, unlike most of our competitors, we have a low overhead.

To meet our goal of being affordable professionals, we always make our best efforts to work within your business' or organization's operating budget by giving you options, and in most cases, quoting you a number for the whole project, so you absolutely know how much cost is involved to get the job done.

Additionally, Ni-ki Electro Systems combines genuine creative thinking and problem solving to a legitimate technical knowledgebase to provide a truly complete level of skill and quality of service .

The Ni-ki Electro Systems Equation

This is the standard that Ni-ki Electro Systems has set. is committed to providing responsive professional services that achieve a balance of both creativity and technical skill. We do it that way because that is the way it should be done!

About us