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Unistal Antivirus New - World's Best Scan Engine Antivirus Software
Crash Proof - A Data Loss Prevention Software
Brief Overview

Reliable protection against infection:

Unistal-Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal constantly monitors all sources of possible virus infections: email, the Internet, CDs and more. U-Kav also protects all parts of your PC: system memory, boot sector, files, mail databases and etc. It also contains unique technology for protecting your MSOffice documents.

Scanning archived and compressed files, Real-time protection, Continuous email filtration, Pro-active protection from macro viruses, Productivity and reliability, Data integrity, Protection against new viruses, Quarantine for infected objects, Stopping script viruses.

Unistal Antivirus New - World's Best Scan Engine Antivirus Software
Premium antivirus protection for professional individual users and home offices. The program includes a range of configuration options to optimize depth of scanning:
Monitors all sources of potential virus infection
Integrated OfficeGuard! technology protects MS-Office applications
Supports a broad range of mail programs
Restoration of data in files infected by viruses
Improved management tools and detailed notifications
Antivirus database updates every hour, round-the-clock
Brief Overview

Crash Proof
is a data loss prevention utility, once installed is designed to revive the data back due to any of the above cases. Its new heuristic technology saves the critical images of the disk while installing and updates them at regular intervals. When data loss occurs due to whatever logical reason, Crash Proof calculates the system parameters automatically and revives the data back. Thus recovering lost/files and also reducing downtime.

Crash Proof - A Data Loss Prevention Software
This is a necessity since once installed it assures 100% data recovery from any logical problems in the disk.
The most important part of your computer is your data. Have you Crash Proofed it?
Useful in handling all types of data related problems.
Rebuilds corrupted partitions non-destructive.
Un-formats any drive 100%.
Prevention is better than recovery.
A very good value addition since it reflects ‘Data Care’.
A very important addition to your computer specification.

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