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What is Data Wipe ?
Why Data wipe is the Best Guaranteed Data Erasure Tool ?
Guaranteed File Eraser Software

High standard grade file deletion by wiping, overwriting and erasing data to ensure security. Data Wipe ensures file deletion is permanent and irreversible.

When you delete a file or folder, it goes in the trash or recycle bin. Emptying recycle bin to get rid of a file or deleting from DOS in fact does not delete them at all. Usually, all that happens is that the file's name is removed from the disk's index, but the data still remains on the disk itself. There are some recovery/undelete programs around which can easily recover this data. More advanced techniques to recover lost data also exist. Overwriting data once is usually not good enough for these solutions.

Another thing to consider is the file name, location and date/timestamps. Even if you can erase the data itself, the information about the file may still be available in system files somewhere, giving the attacker some information on the deleted files.

What is Data Wipe ?
To erase magnetic media, we need to overwrite it many times with alternating patterns in order to expose it to a magnetic field oscillating fast enough that it does the desired flipping of the magnetic domains in a reasonable amount of time. Using our knowledge of how the data is encoded, we have chosen which decoded data patterns to write in order to obtain the desired encoded signal and reorient it effectively, thus rendering it meaningless.

Data Wipe is designed with tested algorithms that erase data from the media to make it impossible to retrieve.

Why Data wipe is the Best Guaranteed Data Erasure Tool ?
Data Wipe erases data by wiping its contents beyond recovery, destroying its name and dates and finally removing it from disk.Uses up to 50 pass data wipe.
Meets and exceeds the highest standards for wiping information.
Offers wipe methods that can stop both software and hardware recovery tools from restoring the erased data.
Completely destroys any data from previously deleted files that might still be accessible on your disk.
Erases folder structures (folders with all their subfolders and files) and even entire drives.
Delete "Locked" Windows files, index .dat, the swap file and "Cookies" that track your internet history.
Wipes unused clusters. These clusters are those that are not currently linked in the file system.
Data Wipe can automatically clear the contents of folders that usually contain sensitive data (such as the Web browser cache, cookies, Temporary Internet files, the recent document list, the folder designated for temporary files, etc.)
Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS File Systems, Floppy.
Supports any Capacity Hard Drive.

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