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Profile Nesting
Rectangular Sheet Nesting
Glass Sheet Nesting
Rolls Nesting
Section Nesting
Profile Nesting

Optimizer for Anyshape - Profile Nesting Software

Optimizer for Anyshape is Professional, Profile (rectangular/non-rectangular) Nesting Software specifically designed to produce optimized cutting layouts, minimize material wastage and maximize productivity.

Application Areas:
Heavy fabrication involving
Gas cutting
Plasma cutting
Oxy-fuel cutting
Laser cutting
Water jet cutting

Rectangular Sheet Nesting


Optimizer Suite - Rectangular Sheet Nesting Software

Optimizer Suite is specialized 2-Dimensional Rectangular Nesting Software specifically designed to deliver optimized cutting layouts, reduce the wastage and maximize productivity.

Application Areas:
Modular furniture
Glass cutting
Sheet metal fabrication

Glass Sheet Nesting

Optimizer for Glass - Glass Sheet Nesting Software

Optimizer for Glass is the most powerful 2-Dimensional Glass Nesting Software specifically designed to cut down the wastage, generate optimized cutting layouts and maximize your profits.

Application Areas:
Flat glass
Glass fabricators
Insulating glass
Window cladding
Aluminum curtain wall
Glass & Granite panels
Manual and automatic cutting processes

Rolls Nesting

Optimizer for Rolls - Nesting Software for Rolls / Coils

Optimizer for Rolls is specialized 1-Dimensional Nesting Software specifically designed to cut rectangular pieces from rolls in order to minimize the wastage and increase productivity.

Application Areas:
Sun control films
Fabric cutting
Leather cutting
Soft luggage

Section Nesting

Optimizer for Sections - Section Nesting Software

Optimizer for Sections is specialized 1-Dimensional Bar Nesting Software specifically designed to reduce end piece wastage, produce optimized layouts and maximize productivity.

Application Areas:
Aluminum fabrication
Curtain glazing
Modular furniture


Bend-O-Matic - Sheet Bending Software

Bend-O-Matic is revolutionary Sheet Metal Bending software specifically designed to determine Initial Strip Width, V-Block Sizes, Maximum Force to be applied and Minimum Overhang needed to achieve the required multi bending operation.

Application Areas: Sheet Metal industries

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